Yumchek – Meaning


  • verb:yumchek; 3rd person present: yumcheks; past tense: yumcheked; past participle: yumcheked; gerund or present participle: yumcheking
  • (of people) getting real options with real time pricing by providing location, party size and time of the meal, and other inputs as desired
  • "Hungry? Yumchek, Now!”
  • "While making the reservation, don’t forget to yumchek."
  • "He takes care of the lunch. Always yumcheks before he orders."
  • "Can you suggest me a place to eat? Why don’t you yumchek?"
  • (of eateries) using the Yumchek Dynamic Pricing Engine to provide real time pricing to users
  • "Annie’s Kitchen is now yumcheking"
  • (of eateries) the act of being on Yumchek to provide real time pricing to users
  • "Why don’t you yumchek? You will earn more."
  • "Ever since The Watering Hole yumcheked, it keeps getting new customers."


  • with suffix-er
  • noun: yumcheker; plural noun: yumchekers
  • a person who yumcheks and gets the right option, especially in a few seconds.
  • "Susan is a Yumcheker."


One Night in Bangkok

by Piyush Gupta


Almost every day, while working as a corporate lawyer with a major law firm in downtown Washington D.C., a block north of the White House, I was faced with a quandary; where should I eat or order from?
There must be at least 30-40 eateries, if not more, in a few blocks around my office on Eye Street. I knew them all, mostly having tried their wares over time. So any guide such as Zagat or Yelp was of no use for me in those situations. I did not need them to discover or validate my choice. And as most of these meals were to be had in real time, when I was hungry, without any previous planning, Open Table, was also of no use. There was neither the time nor the need to make a reservation. And, if I was ordering food, I occasionally used Seamless (later to be merged with GrubHub), but using it was a chore as I was presented a long list of restaurants, with no effort put in to make the listing relevant for me.

Leader Profile

Yumchek is led by Piyush Gupta, who believes in using technology to improve the quality of life.
Piyush has lived an eclectic life so far, from growing up in the Himalayas, to studying Math at Delhi University, to reading Law at Harvard; and from starting a consumer behavior tracking company to practicing law in Washington DC. He loves Indian street food.
And now, with Yumchek, he brings the same passion and understanding to how foodies and eateries come together on a platform to get what they want, when they want.
He can be reached @yumsoi or at

Why the moniker yumsoi?

It is a tribute to both the good taste and the street in Bangkok where the concept of Yumchek came together.

Yumchek caters to the worldwide community of Yumchekers.