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#Make Each Meal Count

With Real Time Dynamic Pricing


Yumchek Dynamic Pricing Engine

  • Use Yumchek to get rewarded for rewarding your customers.
  • Yumchek Dynamic Pricing Engine generates pricing offers in real time to better manage your eatery’s capacity. It automatically updates offers based on factors such as demand and supply, profile of the customer, size of the party, etc.
  • At all times, you control the Yumchek dynamic pricing engine; you can turn it off, or change any parameter, at any time in real time.
  • For any discount that you give to your customers, you get Yumchek credits in return, which you can convert into cash.  A win, win for both you and your customers.

Yumchek Credits

  • When you sign up your eatery, it gets at least 200 Yumchek Credits to get started.
  • Every time you give a discount to a customer, you get certain Yumchek Credits when a customer uploads the meal receipt on Yumchek.
  • You can convert Yumchek Credits into cash via the Yumchek HORECA Cashback program and earn upto 20% cashback on your purchases when you upload your bills.
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  • With Yumchek you get real time analysis for any time period that you desire.
  • For your eatery, you can find out how many customers made reservations through Yumchek, how much did it cost on average to get a person through the door, what percentage of customers used dynamic pricing, and what was the distribution of the discounts that were given out.
  • This is just the start. With time, you will gain more insights for using dynamic pricing in a manner that works best for your eatery.